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Divine Power Retreat

Step into the present more fully grounded in your personal power amongst the love and support of other women. Learn how to harness energetic stability and access your intuition. Awaken your creativity and experience expressing it from a place of deep knowing & trust. It’s discovering your potential by healing the wounds holding you back. It’s also you walking away ready to give zero fucks.


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Marci Craig

Energy Consultant for CEOs &

Business Mentor for Healers

for CEOs

Become an UNSHAKABLE powerhouse (from within) - no matter what shit sandwich your business is throwing at you.

Everyone notices - your team, your family, and especially your clients.

What is it?

Your unshakable energetic stability

If you are a CEO or professional with a desire to grow your clients and income at light speed without sacrificing your peace of mind (AKA worm-holing your way to to the next level version of you & your success) you’re in the right place.

Because I help women like you access the key to unwavering confidence and unapologetic power by having them ask this question: “What energy is needed here?” vs. “How do I feel about this?”

Besides helping you channel your inner Athena When business get’s hairy... I’ll show you how to consistently:

  • Call in clients who match your energy

  • Make decisions easier

  • Harness your energy and stabilize it

  • Reduce insomnia and anxiety

  • Stay connected to your loved ones (even during a big project)

  • Snuff out drama and ignore social media haters

  • Show up to your projects, lead your team, and grow your business with more power and less mental & emotional chaos.

Everyone tells CEOs to practice “more self-care, more meditation” and you keeping ping-ponging from one drama to the next.

Guess what? Sometimes slowing down is not enough.

What you need is energetic stability. You need a no non-nonsense and focussed approach for clearing and healing the core issue continually sabotaging your peace of mind.

When your energy is frenetic, stagnant, or scattered it translates into unhappy clients, dwindling creativity, and very little oompah in your message.

Not to mention unhappy loved ones who miss you being present and connected with them.

Instead of getting a plain-Jane Reiki session you get wholistic energetic stability session. My job is to get you results and my laser focussed approach that will do just that.

Marci, the session was so helpful! The journey the five stones took me on was pretty remarkable, and while I haven’t collected any yet, I absolutely intend too. I feel amazingly cleansed energetically and have stronger connection with my higher power. I am honestly AMAZED it was so impactful, because I wasn’t sure what to expect and don’t always have the best “buy-in” when it comes to these types of things. Despite my tendency toward skepticism I went in completely open and willing and it was just such a wonderful experience!”

for Healers

Where you transform from purpose-work-pixie to high-end-healer.

Charge more for your unique services and do it without the spiritual guilt.

Become the Respected healer making the money you deserve.

If you are a healer, intuitive, or work with energy in some way shape or form with a big desire to get your services and message the eff out there and earn more money helping people heal, then you are in the right place.

Because I help healers like you who are so over hiding and buying into the spiritual guilt, shift in the biggest most beautiful (and yes financially abundant) way.

I begin by insisting you get really clear by telling yourself the truth about what you really want.

You can’t keep squeezing your services into this esoteric and ethereal box. People need to understand what you do in a clear and relatable way. I help you position and customize your offerings in a way that feels solid and converts to more clients.

You can have successful healing business and not have to run around wearing fairy wings or feel like you have to hide them (if that’s your thing).

The demand for your kind of work is growing! So let’s get on with it, click the button below.


Energetic Stability Session

Work with Marci one-on-one to experience a practical and magical strategic session to cull your unshakeable power within.




Gatherings provide space for women to support one another while shedding the old archetypes and receiving the next level version of themselves.