Free FB Community for Multi-Passionate Women

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  • Pursue Your Passion & Prioritize you

  • define & Create Success on Your own terms


✨ Explore your passions and develop business/love-hustle at your own pace. #chooseyourownpace

✨ EXPLORE your creative desires, passionate pursuits, and develop your biz/love-hustle alongside other women tapping into the potential expression of their heart’s desire or soul’s purpose #createthelifeyoudesire

✨ PRIORITIZE YOU self-care, self-compassion, and soul-care like nobody’s business #prioritizeyou

✨ SISTERHOOD: Uplift and 💕 love on other fellow women on the same journey by celebrating her wins 🏅 and amplifying 🎤 her awesomeness (personal or professional) #amplifyotherwomen

✨ KEEP IT REAL by sharing your struggles 💔 😫😤 as a passion seeker, change maker, or entrepreneur women. Let’s honor those emotions and set them the off free. #behonestwithyourself

✨ Take 100% RESPONSIBILITY for your PERCEPTION & POWER. This is a space challenge 💪the status quo of what it means to be a fulfilled 💗 mother /woman living on your own terms. #takeresponsibility

✨ EXPRES YOURSELF freely here. You do not have to censor yourself here. You do not have to play nice. You may rock the boat. We need to have difficult conversations. We can’t create solutions or experiencing healing if we are egg shell walking around the truth. #takeupmorespace

—— This is HOW WE ROLL ---------

👉 I’m ridiculously passionate about facilitating your rise from within. Whether it’s an epic comeback or first time leap of faith. Your power comes from within, your healing is an inside job, and your success hinges on how much your are willing to trust yourself on this crazy ride called life. LET’S DO THIS! (Need help? PM me; I got you.) #trustyourself

I'll be dropping in WEEKLY THEMES and MIND-SHIFTING 🙌 truth bombs to keep your intentions primed in coherent.

I’ll be offering specials on my one-on-one Energetic Alignment sessions.

Click on "Events" to check out upcoming in-person and online happenings.

‼️‼️WARNING ‼️‼️

We are transforming from “mama-martyr” or “victimized woman of the patriarchy” to:

1.) A woman doesn’t apologize for taking up ⛰space,

2.) A woman who claims her power from healed and conscious place

3.) A woman who fearlessly shines her light 🕯so other woman can do the same

REMINDER: We take responsibility for our owning our shit and don’t make excuses.

*Choose love not blame.*

*We meet IN-PERSON at pop-up meetings, VIRTUALLY, and at TMM RETREATS.*

*If you would like to learn more about working/healing/creating with Marci one-on-one email * or visit